How to Create Your Ebook and Sell on Your Website

I sold my first ebook for US$19 and earned more than $10K from this one title alone. I sold this 2nd book (see picture below) for SGD$27 and upsell a $20K service package. Selling information can be profitable. I had written and published 18 books.

If you have the knowledge, you can monetize your knowledge. Package it as an info-product. Write it once. Sell forever. Write ‘how to’ ebooks. Sell it on a marketplace or sell it on your website.

Selling on your website have these advantages compared to selling on a marketplace:

  • You can use whatever file format you want.  Other marketplaces adopt their own file format.
  • There is no approval submission process.
  • No competitors’ books appearing next to your list. You don’t have to compete with others in the marketplace.
  • Price it the way you want it. Other marketplaces have a recommended price.

Don’t waste the knowledge in your head.  Share your knowledge. Change lives. And get paid for your effort.

If you like to learn how to create your ebook and put it on your website for sale, I can show you how.

You will discover

  • the titles of my ebooks that make me money
  • how to create the book cover with a free software
  • where to get beautiful pictures for the cover (free)
  • the layout for the book. You will get a copy of my template.
  • how to upload to your website
  • how to add the ‘pay’ button to your sales page
  • how to let your customers download the ebook
  • how to market your ebooks (free method and paid method)

Selling your knowledge online is a scaleable way to create an online income without exchanging time for money. Whether you sell one copy or a hundred copies, it requires the same effort. You don’t have to trade time for money. You can work at home or anywhere you please.  Even when you want to take a break or unable to work for whatever reasons, having  intellectual assets give you something valuable to sell.

In this information age, people do buy information online despite the fact that information are freely available. They are buying from you because of the convenience of having a structured and complete information that they can download immediately.  They buy because they trust that your info is reliable.

The ebook that you create once will make you money for many years. No inventory needed.  Don’t waste your knowledge.  Make an income as an infopreneur.

Investment: US$49

Once you had made payment, you will be able to download the e-course immediately. I will add you to a secret forum where you will access to me and to new info.


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