How to Get out of Debt and Live a Debt-free Life

Bills, bills and more bills.
Before you clear the old bills from the previous month, new bills are already stuffed in your mail box.
You are living from paycheck to paycheck.
You have used up your salary before the next pay day comes.
Your credit card bills included late payments penalties.
If this sounds like you, then I might have the solution for you.

But first, let me share my story.

The year 2005 was probably one of the darkest period of my life.
I was in debt.
I almost had to sell my house to pay for exorbitant lawyer fees to fight a long losing legal battle against the authorities for my justice.
Stress lead to health breakdown. Medical expenses.
Battled with depression .
I quit my job because I could not function.

I borrowed money from a few banks. I maxed up the credit limits of a few credit cards.
I borrowed from one bank to pay another bank.

It was a long difficult journey.
I tried every possible way to get out of the shit hole.
In the end, I managed to get out of it.
I did became debt-free ever since.

Out of this painful experience, I wrote a book so that I can help those who are in debt.

This book is great for teachers who want to teach financial literary.
It is for you if you want to get out of debt and live a debt-free life.

It is hard to always be short of cash. It is like being trapped in a mine and not see the light and the way out of the dark tunnel.

This book will shed some light. This book is like a shovel you can use to dig. Start digging, bucket by bucket, until you see the light at the end of tunnel.

The goal of this book is to help you get out of debt. Pay off every single one of your debts — using the money you ALREADY make!

You will not only survive whatever financial crisis’ you may be encountering now or in the future, but you will even live a better life, right through it!

I’m here to tell you that even though it may take a while, you can get out of debt no matter how impossible it seems.

I have been in debt many times – because of unemployment, medical bills, and legal fees. I read every book on debt, and tried every tip to stay frugal.

Finally I got myself out of debt.

The powerful, life-changing strategies that I have learned are distilled into this book. They are easy to read, simple to understand, and have proven to work. These strategies have turned my life around. I know it will work for you.

It pains me to read news about how some people are driven to despair and suicide because of debt. I hope my book will help someone in need.

Simply reading this book alone with not help. You must take action. When you do, you will get out of debt, be free from money worries and live a life of abundance. You will acquire the skill of managing your money.

Today I am living a debt-free life. Financial freedom is possible.

This book contains 11 chapters namely:

1. The Truth
2. Stop the Hemorrhage
3. Live with your means
4. Repayment Plan
5. Spending Plan
6. Saving Plan
7. Increase earning capacity
8. Invest in your future
9. Cultivate a prosperity mindset
10. Living the simple life
11. Take action

Investment: usd$35

After you have ordered, you can download the ebook immediately. If you have problems with the download, you can reach me at

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