How to Make More Money by Selling to High-Paying Clients

The times when I made the most money were the times when I sold high-ticket items. Some people that it is harder to sell high-ticket items than low ticket items. My experience tell me otherwise. The surprising fact is that it is easier to sell high ticket items than low ticket items.  I’ll explain why in my guidebook.


  • Why selling low ticket item won’t make sense
  • Why it make sense to sell high ticket items
  • Answers to your objections
  • Mistakes most people make – how NOT to sell high-ticket items
  • how to justify charging for high price
  • When Do you Start Charging Premium Price?
  • How to Promote a High-Ticket Item
  • Why People Don’t Buy and What You Can Do About it
  • The Sales Funnel
  • Which job will make you the most money

If you really want to make money more without doubling your effort, you’ll want to include high-ticket items in your range of offering.  This guidebook will clear your doubts, your objections and show you the way to selling to high-paying clients.

Investment: USD$49

Once you made the payment, you’ll be able to download the digital book immediately.

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