how to write and publish your book for fun and profit

Do you want to publish your book but don’t know how? 

At the age of 18, I dream of becoming an author. Along the way, the dream was buried in the busyness of my work. In those days, it was expensive to publish books. I never felt good enough.

I fulfilled my dream at the age of 55, after 37 years of wandering and waiting. So far I had 18 books to my name. There is an amazing story behind each book that will inspire you to publish yours.

With Amazon and modern technology, it is now affordable and easier for us to become a published author.

Books are the new name cards. Books are a great way to brand yourself and generate leads.

Many people have the misconception that it’s very difficult and expensive to publish their own book, but the truth is you can be a published author for less than $300.

It is possible to write and publish a book in 30 days. It is not as expensive or difficult as you think.

Download this digital handbook for specific book ideas, structure and self-publishing know-how.

I will reveal all the 18 books that I had published and the inspiration behind each book. I will reveal

  • Why a book is your best name card
  • How to publish your book on Amazon
  • How to be a published author for less than $300
  • My book writing and publishing journey
  • 6 Ways to create content when you are not an expert.
  • How to produce your book without writing a word
  • Answers to all your objections about why you are unable to write and publish your book
  • Answers to your questions about publishing

After reading this handbook, you will feel motivated to want to publish your own book. There will be resources to help you  get started right away.

When this info was first presented at a workshop, this is what some of the participants said:

Najmunnisa binte Abdul Kader said:  


I will add you to a secret FB group so that you have access to me to ask me any questions or help.




After your purchase, you will be able to download the digital handbook immediately.


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