Insight – Answers to Your Questions about Internet Marketing

Do you have questions about internet marketing?  You probably find the answers in this ebook. It contains 272 pages. almost 48K words and 152 answers.   7 months in the making.  These insights was available exclusively to my coaching students who paid as much as $350.   Now it is available to you for a fraction of the price.
Bonus:  I want to make sure your questions are answered. Send me up to max 5 questions and I will give you my answer.

Content of the eBook.   Below are topics and page number:

How to Get Clients Easily by using the Audit Method. 7
The Software I swear by to Keep All My Information. 11
Profitable freedom-based Online Businesses 12
Where to Find Unlimited Content 16
What to Post that Readers like? 16
How to Feed Your Tribe. 16
Can you make money when you are sick? 16
Do you need talent to succeed in online biz? 18
Stop learning and start… 18
Affiliate Marketing in 5 Minutes 19
How do you overcome Life’s challenges and obstacles? 20
What are people saying about you online? 20
How to Create Your Own Dream Job. 21
Where to download Free Music. 21
How to Find a Post in a FaceBook group and get Notification 22
How to Name Your Facebook group so that it can be found easily 22
How to operate your online business anonymously 22
Why you should build your tribe with a Facebook Group. 23
The Fastest way to promote your program without paid ads…when you don’t have an audience to sell to. 25
Which Skill can Earn you $10K a month? 26
What is the quickest way to get out of poverty? 27
Which online business should I go into? 31
SEO for Facebook Page. 34
5 Ways to Double Your Income. 36
3 ways to get Free traffic 39
Two ways to engage your audience. 40
Quora Marketing : How to Get Traffic From Quora 42
What to do when your business failed. 43
How to Craft a compelling story in 5 short paragraphs. 46
Affiliate marketing Tips from Experts 49
Good Bye Facebook. 51
Attention Coach. How to Sell a Free webinar. 53
People are ignoring my offers. What shall I do? 56
Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade by Dr. Robert Cialdini 59
7 Ways to Create a Compelling Offer. 61
How to Sell Your Training Program Like Hot cake by Giving them this Piece of Paper 63
How did Jon Morrow Changed the Lives of Over 200 Million People from his Wheelchair? 65
The Little Dirty Secrets in the Online marketing Industry Revealed. 73
Where to Find Free Awesome Content for your content marketing. 77
David and Goliath. How to Play to Your Biggest Strength Against the big boys. 78
Should You invest in Tools? 80
How to Promote a Software 83
What to sell? 85
Why you should use a Facebook Biz Page even if you are not advertising 87
How to Create an Income by Teaching what you know 88
Why you did not achieve passive income. 89
How to Choose a Reliable Business Partner 92
Do you need know, like, trust in Your Online Business? 93
What if what you thought was IMPOSSIBLE is actually a myth? 95
How to be an Instant Rock Star. 98
When you feel like changing course….the Grass is greener on the other side. 100
SEO for Facebook 102
SEO is Dead! 103
How to Grow Your Email List with Your Facebook Group. 105
What to post in the free group and paid group? 106
7 things to master in a Facebook Ads. 108
What I think about MLM. 110
Instagram vs Facebook. 114
How to FOCUS to Get Maximum RESULT 115
How to Make Money as a Blogger. 117
How to Get More Exposure on Facebook. 119
How to Grab Eyeballs with a Catchy Headline 121
How being bad at what you do can inspire the audience. 122
The Newbie’s Journey, the alternative to the Hero Journey. 124
FaceBook Fan Page Strategy 126
Why Now is the time to brand yourself even when you have nothing to sell 128
How to Build a Virtual Team 129
How to Visualize to Manifest Your Dream 131
How to Write 134
Use it or Lose it 135
How to Make Money Online without being Social 136
How to be a 6-figure copywriter 138
Where to Blog 140
Curiosity kills the Cat. 141
How To Sell Millions Without Ever Opening Your Mouth! 142
How to Post 3D Photos on Facebook 144
What is after Solopreneurship? 144
The Audacious Goal 145
“I am not comfortable” 147
Join my Challenge 148
Same yet Different. 149
Are you the world best kept secret? 151
The Simple Sales Funnel. 153
The Phase of Your Life. 155
Shadow the Master 157
A quotation a day. 160
Don’t tell anyone! Keep this a secret 161
Never work for free 162
Why you should be a social media influencer. 163
The Fastest Way to Make Money From a Facebook 165
The Secret to Closing in a Preview 166
The Free way to learn from the gurus with the OTP Method. 168
How do you call to action (CTA)? 170
How to Create Awesome Content and Never Run Out of Ideas. 172
The ATM for Free Leads and Sales 174
What I think about Bitcoin and Blockchain 176
Do that One Thing. That’s your mission! 177
How to be a Superhero 179
Where to Find Friends 182
Are You Good? 184
What is the business that will make me money? 185
Dear New Copy writers, here are the answers to your FAQ 187
How to Use Listicles to raise your brand and attract clients 190
How do you deal with the guilts as a coach? 192
“I hate to sell” 196
How to Attend Expensive Workshops for free when others are paying thousands of dollars. 200
How to Write Posts that Sell 203
In your competitive industry, how can you be unique so that you can stand out from the crowd and the most? 205
Why you are attracting the wrong crowd and how to attract the right crowd. 207
How to make a living online when you are broke, with no friends and you hate to sell. 211
The Facebook and Google Money Formula 213
How to Add FB Friends 215
Clean up your online presence for the New Year. 216
SpeedWealth: How To Stop Earning A Living And Start Creating Wealth 217
Free tutorial on FB Ads and Facebook marketing. 217
Read this Before you sign up for another digital marketing training program. 218
Running out of things to post? 220
Persuasion Strategy – Attack your enemy. 221
The fastest way to lose trust and your business is to lose your integrity. 223
Why Facebook is failing you and what you can do about it. 226
With the popularity of videos, is there a place for writers? 228
Best Advice for the New Copywriter 229
How to Make Money On Udemy. 230
Copywriting tips 230
How to Generate Free Leads without using Ads 231
How do you introduce yourself on you FB Profile Page? 232
How to Get Ideas for Your Business 233
How to Select a Good Domain Name. 235
Personal Branding 236
Where to sell your ebooks when you don’t have a website. 239
How to Rank Your Posts on First Page – SEO on Steroid. 240
How to Celebrate Your Life. 242
56ways to make money online. 244
Predictions and Strategies for the New year – Insights from my mentors. 249
Are you positively and negatively charged? 251
The business model that makes me the most money. 253
This habit is killing your personal brand. 255
How to Win the Battle for Attention 257
Do you know that Fame can be bought at a price? 260
Burn the Bridge. 262
The Quick Cash Business Model without using Know, Like Trust. 264
3 Ways to Make Money with your website design skill. 265
Hashtag marketing 266
Give an Incentive for Action 267
What is an inexperienced trainer like? 268
How to get stuff for free while others have to pay. 269
How to get influencer to promote your biz 270
How to bring out the best story from interviewees 271

Investment: us$49

Once you made the payment, you’ll be able to download the digital book immediately.

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