Persuasion Secrets

Persuasion Secrets – Dangerously Powerful Persuasion Secrets that will make people do anything for you!”

Do you want to get others to listen to you, to get people to say yes to you and generate more sales?

What if you can get people to act on your call to action, to buy your stuff and to follow your lead? How?

Caption: Anm Pek said that I have the gift of persuasion. It would be wrong if I make this gift a secret to myself. A gift is meant is meaningful when it is shared to the world. That’s why I am revealing the secrets to you.

What you need to be persuasive.

Through persuasion. Persuasion is one of the most powerful forces on the planet.

You don’t need a slick tongue or be good looking or to be charismatic.
You don’t need a degree in psychology, or to be a certified NLP practitioner.

You only need to understand basic human nature and desires. Understand human psychology.

The secret is to tap on their emotional frustrations by triggering any of their 5 emotions.
It works because we are motivated, and sometimes manipulated by these emotions.

The strategies are simple, useful but frighteningly powerful.

The Power of Persuasion

Hitler had used them and nearly took over the world. Cult leaders like Jim Jones (who led 918 of his followers to suicide), David Koresh (who died with 79 of his followers at Wako), and Marshall Applewhite (who organised the mass suicide of 39 people) used them and commanded such loyalty that many of their followers willingly – even eagerly – died for them.

This is used in mass control and cult control. This secret is used in successful ads campaigns. It is used in the movie “The Secrets”. Donald Trump uses this secret strategy to win votes.

Who is it for?

This strategy is known to few people. Those who know it would rather keep it to themselves.

This knowledge is used by dictators, politicians, tribe leaders, marketers, sales people, and evangelists. It is useful for parents, teachers, internet marketers, and anyone who must make a human connection. It can be used in your personal life and for your business.

When you apply the persuasion strategies, you will be more successful than ever. You can transform lives.

In this course, I am going to reveal what the secret is.

What Persuasion can do for you:

Once you discover these strategies, you’ll know:
* how our minds had been manipulated
* how to build an effective relationship with other people.
* how to get people to do anything for you
* how to push your prospects hot buttons.
* how Donald Trump, Hitler and the movie “The Secrets” uses it
* how to make people trust you
* why most children don’t listen to their parents because parents do THIS one thing unknowingly.
* how to persuade people to join your team
* how to get your spouse to love you.
* how to get people to pay you at the price you want.
* how to influence people to do what you want them to do.
* how to win people’s heart.

Who Should Learn it?

You must learn the persuasion secrets if you are a:
* copywriter
* leader
* salesperson
* internet marketer
* communicator
* parent
* consumer who is easily persuaded

Come and join me as I unlock the mystery to persuasion. Do these things and people
will do anything for you.

Masters the persuasion techniques and you will know how to press the ‘buy’ buttons at will, sell expensive stuff easily and earn more.

Every sales person faces price objection. I will show you how you can hold your ground and protect your profit by crushing price objections raised by your customers.

Master the psychology of overcoming price objections. This knowledge is a must if you are selling anything especially expensive stuff

I will show you Secret Mind control Tools that will get customers to spend more and more frequently. You will learn how to press the buy buttons of the customers. These are the secret tools of successful salespeople. Masters the tools and you will earn more.

* when to talk fast or talk slowly
* the effect of swearing
* the effect of using a female photo to market to men
* which one is persuasive – positive or negative?
* how many choices do you give to customers
* Email or face-to-face talk. Which is more effective for each gender?
* when appealing for the fund, which one fare better – data or story?
* how to convince leaders

Inside the e-course, I had shared more than 140 lessons on persuasion.  It took me 10 months to produce the lessons.

The most powerful skill you should master is PERSUASION. Access to the power now.

Yes, I want to be a Master in Sales and Persuasion using the power of Psychology and Mind Control!

Investment: US$97

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