Profitable Online Business Ideas

Want to Get rich?

Have you been slaving day in and day out and wondering when you will ever earn enough to live your dream – to get married and buy a dream house, to travel the world, to give the best that money can buy for your children, to pamper yourself at the restaurant?

Have you wonder why is it some people seem to get rich so easily and yet you are struggle daily to make ends meet and never get out of the poverty loop?

Let me tell you why.

You’ll never get rich working for people. Your company will pay you as little as possible while squeezing as much juice out of you so that they can maximise their profit.

Their mantra – minimum cost, maximum output. They are in the business to make profit for themselves and not to make you rich.

If you continue to work as a salaried worker, you will never earn enough to buy your dreams. The simple reason is that you are trading your time for money.

How much time do you have to trade? Would you think that Bill Gates become a billionaire if he works for other people?

Take a look at the list of the richest people in the world. Guess what’s one thing in common?

They all own their business. They are their own boss. They are entrepreneurs.

They don’t earn their money by trading their time. They LEVERAGE. Leverage on other people’s time, money and talent.

If you want to be RICH like them, you have to learn how they think and strategies they use to build their business empire. Understand what these powerful concepts really works. Concepts like Leveraging, business networking, joint ventures, volume, scaling up.

You may be saying to yourself, “I don’t have the money “, “I don’t have the talent.”

Let’s stop giving yourself anymore excuses.

In this internet-era, you can start a business with little cost. No one is born an entrepreneur. With the right training, you can be an entrepreneur.

In 2008, I fired my boss and became an online entrepreneur. I have tried a number of online business. By the grace of God, I have been able to make 4-5 figure income a month and support my family as a sole bread winner, by working at home with my laptop.

Many people want to make an extra income online. But most don’t know which online business is suitable for them.

So they sign up for expensive internet marketing courses only to find out that it is not a good fit for any of these reasons:
* it takes too long to make the money
* technically challenging
* complicated. too many moving parts
* too costly to run the business
* takes too much of their time
* don’t have the capability
* don’t fit their personality

I have the solution for you. For the last 8 years, whenever I come across a business idea, I filed them in my knowledgebase. I have documented 640 ideas.  I myself have used some of the ideas to generate a full-time income.

As a solopreneur, I cannot consume all the ideas for myself alone. I can afford to  share these ideas with you.

From the 640 business ideas, I extracted the best ones into 100 profitable online business ideas. It took me 8 years to curate them and 2 weeks to create the handbook.  The handbook is 210 pages. 

Now you can get hold of my precious handbook of business ideas. Frankly, you won’t find any other marketers who are so willing to share their secrets because they don’t want to invite more competitors.

I have organise each idea in these sequence:

1. Name of idea
2. How it works
3. Who are the People using this idea
4. Criteria (in terms of skill, time, money)
5. Pros
6. Cons
7. Tips to execute this idea successfully
8. keywords

Each idea will give you adequate info for you to decide if you want to explore further to turn the idea into your business.

This handbook covers the following topics (keywords):

  • 30 day challenge
  • airbnb
  • academy
  • adsense
  • affiliate marketing
  • art and craft
  • animated logo
  • anonymous
  • art gallery
  • artist
  • author
  • autoresponder
  • baby pram
  • book
  • book cover
  • book publishing
  • business opportunities
  • blogging
  • bracelet
  • broadcast
  • cancer
  • career
  • certificate
  • charity
  • cleaners
  • coaching
  • copywriting
  • consulting
  • courses
  • crochet
  • critque
  • dating
  • delivery
  • demonstration
  • design
  • desperate buyers
  • directory
  • documentary
  • durian
  • ebay
  • ebook
  • etsy
  • evaluation
  • events
  • expat
  • facebook cover
  • facebook group
  • flip
  • free talks
  • free trials
  • free reports
  • fund raising
  • ghostwriter
  • home based business
  • hosting
  • interview
  • introvert
  • kids
  • kindle
  • insurance
  • magazine
  • mke money
  • make up
  • market place
  • minority
  • missing people
  • MLM
  • newsletter
  • offline
  • one stop protal
  • opt-in
  • painting
  • painted rock
  • parcel
  • passive income
  • pebbles
  • pet
  • PLR
  • pop corn
  • pre-loved
  • public domain
  • Q&A
  • queue
  • quotations
  • real estate
  • religion
  • rental
  • report
  • reputation management
  • restaurant
  • reseller
  • revamp
  • saas
  • sales funnel
  • my favourite business ideas
  • seo
  • sex
  • slideshare
  • soap
  • software
  • subscription
  • subscription box
  • teach
  • teachable
  • testimonial
  • traditional business
  • training
  • travel
  • tshirt
  • tuition
  • udemy
  • virtual assistant
  • video
  • video training
  • video story
  • website
  • website design
  • writer
  • writing service
  • youtube


I will add you to a secret Facebook group. I will update the handbook whenever there are new ideas. This is a living book that will grow and get refreshed to keep it up to date.  You can ask me questions.

What is it worth to you if you can take just one idea and turn it into a business?
What is the value if the new business from that one idea makes you hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month?

Your investment: USD$97

Once you have make payment, you will be able to download the digital handbook immediately. I will add you to a secret Facebook group.   I hope to see you on the inside.


Sam Choo

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