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Learn how to legitimately create passive income from the comfort of your own home, exploiting the world’s largest online marketplace.

Amazon is Biggest Marketplace of Ready Buyers

Making money on Amazon isn’t anything new.

Look at how many items there are in Amazon. It has a database of more than 300 million credit cards… people who are ready to buy your eBook with 1 click of a button. With more than $74 million generated in a year, there’s definitely a piece of the pie for everyone and it would be crazy not to take advantage of this!

It is the biggest marketplace online and Amazon plans to do whatever it can to remain the leader.

Amazon Does the Selling For You

And you don’t need to build a website to sell an eBook on Amazon because it will sell for you. Amazon recommends items based on its top sellers’ list, a visitor’s browsing history and even sends “reminder emails” to those who viewed an item without buying it.

Every ebook that you publish on Amazon Kindle Store is your ATM machine. It is your money tree. Its your revenue-generate assets. Publish once and sell forever.

Do you need to be a writer to publish Kindle ebooks? Not at all because you can outsource the content creation to freelance ghostwriter for as little as $100 per book. There are freelance proof readers for hire for as little as $5 per 1,000 words. With outsourcing, you can scale your business, create as many books as you want. All is left for you to do is to identify profitable topics, and make sure the freelancers deliver the stuff on time to your specification. Commit just an hour a day.

Unlike most other businesses that require a high overhead, there is almost no cost to self publishing. No website to design. No physical inventory. No overheads. The process is simple. Once you learn how to do it once, you’ll be able to churn out as many books as you want.

Here’s 17 reasons why you should consider Kindle Publishing:

  • Amazon is Biggest Market place of Ready Buyers
  • Amazon does most of the selling for you
  • High demand for Kindle Books (ebooks outsell physical books
  • Ease of Operation
  • High level of automation from orders to delivery
  • Low Startup Cost
  • Outsourceable to freelance writers
  • Scaleable
  • Introvert-friendly
  • Change and inspire lives through your message
  • Leave a legacy
  • Multiple Stream of Passive Income with multiple books
  • Kindle Publishing is Profitable
  • Be Your Own Boss
  • Increase your brand as an author
  • Work at home at your time and own pace
  • Freedom lifestyle. Work anywhere, anytime

With the right strategy, it is just about publishing your eBook and collecting the money without having to drive traffic or actively promote the book every single day.

In Aug 2014, I created a Kindle mastermind group. Within 2 months, 4 of the members had published 12 books. The success encouraged me to want to teach more people about Kindle Publishing.

Here is a testimonial from my student Fyrus. Now he is making 4-figure a month with his Kindle books.

Maria Mahat published her first book as a result of learning from me. Subsequently she went on to publish a few more books.

Sam has been really an inspiration. He understood that it was not easy to get started. But he kept on encouraging me to carry on and shared his methods on how to publish a book. With the tools he has provided me, I believe my book will be out really soon! Thank you Sam!” ~ Glenn Ong, participant of Kindle Mastermind group.

I had a pleasant experience of participating in Sam’s Kindle Mastermind group and the sessions are great. We have group interaction and sharing of strategies , discussing challenges, experiences and celebrating success together. Good opportunity to be in the group and recommended to everyone that is interested in publishing a book.” ~ Zayne Ling, Serial Entrepreneur & Business startup expert


This is the probably one of the most comprehensive course on Kindle Publishing.  It covers the basics to advanced strategies.

Elsewhere it costs you a 4-figure to learn it but I keep the price low because I know that the people, who need the help most, are the ones who cannot afford such costly training.

Many self-study Kindle courses tend to cater to USA, and they do not address issues that affect non-USA residents and Singapore residents.  There is no upsell. Only one payment.

I will walk you through step-by-step so you know how to research for profitable topics, publish a book quickly, and market a book.

Here’s What You’ll Get Once You Sign Up:

√ 40  Lessons. 215 pages of solid information. You’ll learn how to pick up a profitable topic, write an e-book that sells, promote your book and smile your way to a monthly consistent passive income. You will be able to download all the lessons immediately.

Bonus: I will add you to a secret group so that you can access me to ask me any questions. If there are news and  new developments, you will be the first to know


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