Reports (Bundled)

Reports (Bundled) – Best internet marketing insights from Sam Choo

If you want to pick my brains on how to make money online, read on…

Every day, I shared my insights with my members in the Solopreneur mentorship program. In 9 months, I had shared over 500 insights.  They pay US$47 a month for the mentorship.

From the 500 insights, I have extracted some of the best information. The result is 60 short reports. Total 185 pages of no-fluff content. Each report is about 3 pages long. They are content-rich and easy to digest. I don’t like to beat around the bush or stuff it work meaningless words.  The reports are concise and to the point.

The reports represent my 10 years of  internet market experience. They include the mistakes I made, lessons I learned, insights I received,  internet marketing strategies, and what it takes to succeed as an online entrepreneur.

Otto von Bismarck said, “Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”

Below are the report covers and titles:

How to Turn Your Life Around when Your Business is Crashing DownWhere to Blog When You Don’t have a WebsiteI want to make money online...Where do I start?Earn an Income with Online CoursesMy Email Marketing BlueprintThe Future of Paid Traffic Generation  How to Turn Problems into Money Making Opportunities Superhero Unleashed -Finding the Superhero in YouHow to Profit as a CopywriterHow to Tell a Story in 7 StepsHow to Run a Profitable Lead Generation BusinessHow to Write like a CopywriterJuggle Your Business with a Full-time JobHow to Make Money with Free ReportsHow to Become a Freelance CopywriterHow to Earn a Million in a YearHow to Promote Your Business Like EinsteinFuture Proof Your Career and Protect Your Rice BowlThe Fastest and Most Effecdtive Secret Method to Learn Persuasive CopywritingFinding Your Collaborator - How to get a collaborator to promote your business without paying him a cent.How to Turn Facebook Groups into Recurring IncomeHow to Succceed as a BloggerHow to Convert Prospect to ClientBuilding Assets that Last a LifetimeBattle Plan – How to Win Next YearAmazon Kindle Self-Publishing - Create an Online Business and a Freedom Lifestyle. By Fyrus20 Ways to Raise Money to buy your loved ones Christmas PresentsBusiness Ideas from a 3D Printer 21 Ways to Write Your Email or Blog Posts5 Surefire Ways to Get Clients5 Income Streams from One BusinessHow to Get Clients with Audit Method How to earn $10K a month with only 10 clients.5 Business Models for Writers

I have put in a lot of effort to put all these together.  What you are going to learn is worth those thousand dollars workshops out there.



You can get all these 60 reports (in pdf format)  right now.

For a one-time investment of  only USD$60, you can download the digital reports immediately.


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