Sell Like a Ninja

Sell Like a Ninja – How to Promote Your Business Online, without Spamming, with  no-cost Methods.

If you want to discover more ways to promote your business, this digital handbook is for you.

If you hate selling,  then let me show you the client attraction method.  I shared 69 no-cost methods to  promote your business online. Pick a few tips from the buffet, apply them and make more sales.

I remembered 2008 years when I quitted my job suddenly. I did not have any saving to buffer me. In my late 40s, I was unemployable. My wife was a full-time housewife and my children were very young. With mouths to feed and bills to pay, time was not on my side. I did not have any internet marketing skill.   I was broke.

Somehow I survived and thrived to this day.    I am debt-free.

Now I asked myself, can I repeat the feat again? So I  set myself a personal challenge in Sept 2016. My challenge was to earn my first $1,000 within 100 days. I met my target.

My strategy was to blog on Facebook and promote affiliate products. I used Freedym as the affiliate product. The strategies that I am about to reveal to you applys to any products you sell online.

I want to prove that any ordinary people like you and me, can create a decent income online, starting from scratch.

I want to prove that anyone with little internet knowledge can make $1,000 a month with little money down. As long as you can write and post on Facebook, it is a good start.

What will it take for you to succeed?

  • Know how to post on Facebook (I will teach you how in this course)
  • One hour a day to work on this business
  • Persistence to work for 100 days.
  • Think positive

Do you have what it takes?
I cannot guarantee what the outcome will be for you. I am not God. But I can guarantee you that you will learn a great deal that’s worth far more than you invest in.  You will learn how to market a product online. 

Are you hungry enough to do what it takes to succeed? If you are,  then get my 69 ways otherwise I don’t want you to waste your money reading and get fat with knowledge without putting the ideas into action.

When I share my information with my participants in a live workshop, below was what some of the participants said:


Click on the ‘buy’ button now and download the 89-page digital handbook immediately. This is like the Marketing 101 guide.  They are simple to follow.

Investment: USD$49

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