Social Media Copywriting – The 8-Punch Persuasive Post Formula

As an internet marketer or writer, you know how important it is to be able to write a persuasive post. You know that if you cannot sell, you cannot make money, no matter how good your product or service is.

You may think that learning copywriting is tough and takes a long time to master.

There are good copywriting workshops out there, but it cost more than a $1K. Sure, go for it, if you can afford.

But what if you are in a rush to launch your business, you don’t all the months in the world to learn copywriting…and as a new startup, you don’t have that much cash to spare?

Is there a way to write persuasive posts that sell?

Yes, there is a way because I have done all the hard work for you by finding the shortcuts. I have spent more than 5 years learning copywriting.

Writing persuasive posts can be simple once you know the formula.

I combined 3 of the best copywriting structures from 3 world-class copywriters and came up with my latest formula.

I called it “The 8 Quick Punches Sales Writing formula” because there are 8 points (steps) to follow.

You’ll be going to learn it in just a few hours. Like any other skill, to become effortless, you have to practice it often enough until you are unconsciously competent. You will be able to write effortlessly like the way you drive a car.

It took all these years of learning, with the hard-earned money I had invested on copywriting courses, the sweat and labour to make this possible.

Most copywriting coaches won’t want you to know how simple it can be otherwise they won’t be able to charge you the thousand of dollars.

You won’t find many copywriters teaching you the art of writing persuasive posts on social media. It is still a secret art closely guarded by the masters.


This 8-step formula is a framework for writing persuasive messages which connect to your readers emotionally. They will feel like you are speaking directly to them.

It can be brief, casual and conversational. It does not sound salesy. You can write it in as short as 8 sentences or as long as you want.

This formula is perfect for emails, blog posts, social posts (such as Facebook), webinars and even face to face conversations. I like to use it when I sell through FB posts.

You can use this formula for anything you want to sell. It can be applied to sales letters too.

Once you apply the formula, you will be able to persuade people to do what you want them to do. You will get increased engagement from your readers.

Now that you know a way to learn this shortcut, you can bypass the steep learning curve, bypass the expensive courses, and bypass the waiting (because you will discover the shortcut soon).

Once you master the art of social media copywriting, you can literally make sales every time you write a persuasive post.

I had conducted this course as a live workshop a few times. Below are the testimonials from the participants:

Investment: US$97

Once you make the payment, you will receive 2 pdf files –  the report and loads of examples immediately.

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