From Zero to Hero in 30 Days

From Zero to Hero in 30 Days: The 30-Day Action Plan for Internet Marketing Success You have just fired your boss and you have given him a month’s notice. You have no savings but you have bills to pay. what are you going to do? The tools you have is a laptop and internet access. What would you do, from day 1 to day 30, to save yourself? You are 30 days away to starting a new career…from zero. This is not fiction. It was real. It had happened to me. It could happen to anyone. There might come a time when anyone of us loses a job or we walk out from a toxic job or an abusing boss. Or the salary is never enough to make ends meet. You might be a housewife. You have to stay at home to look after your loved ones but you need the extra income to feed your children. You might be too old to be employable. Or you have a past history. The corporates are not giving you a chance. You don’t have the people connection. You might not even have the skill other then being a taxi driver or a security guard….