How to Craft a Sales Letter that Sells

“How to Craft a Sales Letter that Sells…even if you are a complete newbie” You have a good product. You spend your hard-earned money on paid ads to bring your prospects to your website.  What’s standing between you and the prospect’s money is your sales letter. If your sales letter sucks, you don’t get the sales. Your reader is going to ‘walk’ away from your online store.  Your sales letter is your 24/7 sales person. If it is not persuasive,  it is as good as having a dummy cardboard salesperson  for show. Your sales letter makes or breaks your sales. Of course, you can outsource to a professional copywriter, but good copywriters don’t come cheap. At least a four figure fee for one sales letter. But if you don’t have the budget, what can you do? What if I show you a way to learn fast enough so that you can write a sales page yourself? I will show you a structure that you can use.  I will give you the template with examples. Follow this structure and you can churn out a sales page fast and easy.   The structure is easy to remember. The structure is a one-word acronym. It…

The Fastest and Most Effecdtive Secret Method to Learn Persuasive Copywriting

The Fastest And Most Effective “Secret Method” To Learning Persuasive Copywriting by Ronald Lye, a top copywriter in Singapore. What you discover in this report: 1. The 2 key factors in making money online 2. The profit generation process 3. Why copywriting is profitable 4. The most effective way to learn copywriting This 6-page special report is part of the bundle. Get all 60 reports here or get everything you see on this website as a member. Click here to join as a member. 

How to Become a Freelance Copywriter

How to Become a Freelance copywriter when you don’t have experience, proof, or confidence. A 9-page special report.  A must-read for new copywriters. This is part of the bundle. Get all 60 reports here or get everything you see on this website as a member. Click here to join as a member. 

How to Write like a Copywriter

How do copywriters write?  Not the way a good teacher will write.  They break the rules of grammar and proper English sentence construction.  Let me show you how copywriters write.  Teachers won’t like the way they write. But what matters is that the letters convert into sales. This is part of the bundle. Get all 60 reports here or get everything you see on this website as a member. Click here to join as a member. 

How to Profit as a Copywriter

One of the most common questions by copywriters is, “how to get clients and make money as a copywriter.”   You don’t necessarily have to write copies for clients and make money as a copywriter.  You can apply your copywriting skills to your own business, or as a reseller, or on a profit sharing basis with business owners. There are beautiful ways of making money with your copywriting skill if you don’t like to deal with difficult customers.  This report shows you how your skill can make money for you without dealing with clients and selling your copywriting service. This is part of the bundle. Get all 60 reports here or get everything you see on this website as a member. Click here to join as a member. 

Copywriting with Sam

“What Will It Take to Earn $10,000 a Month?” I remembered the date – 27 Aug 2014. The place – McDonald at City Hall. I asked Joel Chue, a successful Internet marketing expert, this question, “What will it take for me to earn $10,000 a Month?” I listed down all the things that I could do. He listened attentively and finally he said, “If you want to earn the 5-figure, focus on providing THIS”. He pointed to that word on the paper. In early Oct 2015, I asked another Internet marketing expert, Alvin Huang for advice. Here’s what he said: The answer is COPYWRITING The Most Wonderful Money-Making Skill Gary Halbert, the Godfather of copywriting said, “The ability to write ads and/or letters that sell is by far the most wonderful money-making skill you could ever hope to acquire…All life’s problems can be solved with a good sales letter.” He said, “You’re only one great sales letter away from financial freedom!” I strongly believe that the mastery of copywriting will assure you will never ever starve again. How Much Can a Copywriter Earn? A friend told me that he pays his copywriter $5K a month. She gets to work at home. Good freelance copywriters…

Persuasion Secrets

Persuasion Secrets – Dangerously Powerful Persuasion Secrets that will make people do anything for you!” Do you want to get others to listen to you, to get people to say yes to you and generate more sales? What if you can get people to act on your call to action, to buy your stuff and to follow your lead? How? Caption: Anm Pek said that I have the gift of persuasion. It would be wrong if I make this gift a secret to myself. A gift is meant is meaningful when it is shared to the world. That’s why I am revealing the secrets to you. What you need to be persuasive. Through persuasion. Persuasion is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. You don’t need a slick tongue or be good looking or to be charismatic. You don’t need a degree in psychology, or to be a certified NLP practitioner. You only need to understand basic human nature and desires. Understand human psychology. The secret is to tap on their emotional frustrations by triggering any of their 5 emotions. It works because we are motivated, and sometimes manipulated by these emotions. The strategies are simple, useful but…

Social Media Copywriting – The 8-Punch Persuasive Post Formula

As an internet marketer or writer, you know how important it is to be able to write a persuasive post. You know that if you cannot sell, you cannot make money, no matter how good your product or service is. You may think that learning copywriting is tough and takes a long time to master. There are good copywriting workshops out there, but it cost more than a $1K. Sure, go for it, if you can afford. But what if you are in a rush to launch your business, you don’t all the months in the world to learn copywriting…and as a new startup, you don’t have that much cash to spare? Is there a way to write persuasive posts that sell? Yes, there is a way because I have done all the hard work for you by finding the shortcuts. I have spent more than 5 years learning copywriting. Writing persuasive posts can be simple once you know the formula. I combined 3 of the best copywriting structures from 3 world-class copywriters and came up with my latest formula. I called it “The 8 Quick Punches Sales Writing formula” because there are 8 points (steps) to follow. You’ll be…

The Secret to Creating Powerful Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Headlines are like…you know what I mean. When you see something beautiful, you can’t get your eyes off it and you want to see more of it. That’s what headlines do – to get the reader to read the next line. According to statistics, only about 20% of people will usually read past the headline. Even if you have the best post in the world, if your headline sucks, nobody is going to read it. The headline is the first point of failure and also the greatest point of opportunity. The headline is the most important part of any of your content It is what the viewer see first. Will they read on or stop reading? Write a better headline and you engage the readers. Do you want to learn how to write quickly and easily extremely powerful headlines for your blog posts, social media posts, email subject line, eBook and sales pages? Here is the most comprehensive course on writing amazing headlines. This is the essential course if you are an email marketer, bloggers, content writers, copywriters or internet marketer. Here’s what you will learn. What you will discover: How to write better headlines Different styles of headlines to…