Facebook Group Marketing Secrets

Facebook Group Marketing Secrets Revealed Facebook Group Marketing Secrets Revealed- How To Build Relationship, Converts Customers, Create Fame and Make Money with Facebook Groups Dear online entrepreneur, Do People Know You? If you are just starting an online business and nobody seems to know you other than a handful of friends, or you are running a Facebook group which is not growing well…then give me 5 minutes of your time and I will show you the answer. Whether you succeed or fail in your online business depends on who you are. Are you the Lone Ranger or Robin Hood? The Internet is a very competitive and noisy marketplace. If you are the lone ranger, nobody knows you. Your voice is drowned by the noisy crowd. You don’t have many people to sell to. Here’s the solution. First, build a following. Gather your prospects in one place. To be exact, bring them to your Facebook group. Then you  have a loyal audience to sell to. People are tired of scams. People like to buy, but they don’t like to be sold. People prefer to buy from those who they know, like and trust. Second, build a strong trusting relationship with your group members. The strategy…

How to Turn Facebook Groups into Recurring Income

In the past, I have earned recurring income from 2 of my groups ‘Conversation with sam’ (US$15 a month) and ‘Copywriting with sam’ (US$25 a month). I did not use any paid ads to drive traffic. You get more traffic faster if you can afford to spend on paid ads. This method is not technically challenging. This is my favourite method. It is a proven method. The good news is that Facebook now has enabled paid group features so that group admin can charge members a fee for premium value. This is part of the bundle. Get all 60 reports here or get everything you see on this website as a member. Click here to join as a member.