How to Create a Recurring Income as an Online Teacher

I created this original business idea for my clients who are math tutors. This idea is suitable for any teachers, tutors, coaches, trainers and bloggers. Tutors face two main problems. First, they cannot scale their business. The more students they take, the more time they incur. And there is a limit to the number of students because their time is limited. My friend who is a tutor said she comes home late at 11pm for her dinner and still she has to do the marking late at night. She complaints that she does not even have time for lunch on Saturday which is the busiest day of the week. She was always tired.  Tutors are trading time for money. Work long hours and limited earning. Second, they are working for free. Many tutors are solving people’s math problems for free. They attract freeloaders. While it is good for their exposure, they are not monetizing their effort.  Bloggers give away their tips for free and are not adequately compensated for their effort. My business ideas solve these problems: Earn a recurring income through a membership program. Plus earn a second stream of income through affiliate marketing. Have a scalable business. There…

How to Turn Facebook Groups into Recurring Income

In the past, I have earned recurring income from 2 of my groups ‘Conversation with sam’ (US$15 a month) and ‘Copywriting with sam’ (US$25 a month). I did not use any paid ads to drive traffic. You get more traffic faster if you can afford to spend on paid ads. This method is not technically challenging. This is my favourite method. It is a proven method. The good news is that Facebook now has enabled paid group features so that group admin can charge members a fee for premium value. This is part of the bundle. Get all 60 reports here or get everything you see on this website as a member. Click here to join as a member.