The Saviour Archetype Storytelling Formula

You might have heard this advice, “Fact tells, story sells”.

If you want to influence people or sell your message, preaching the dos and don’ts or pitching a sale may turn people off.

Storytelling is the non-salesy way to sell because stories speaks to the heart. And buying is an emotional decision.

People may forget the facts, but they will remember your stories for years.

When you tell a story, follow a proven framework so that your message resonate with your audience.

There are many storytelling formulas, some based on archetypes, characters or persona.
Those who watch movies are familar with the superhero characters. These stories inspire them to rise from being a victim to being a hero.

I want to introduce to you one of the most powerful archetypes. I called this character ‘The Saviour’.
This is used heavily in religion and in cults. Buddha and Jesus are examples of the embodiment of this character.

This can be applied in your business too.
This formula is particularly suitable if you are a trainer, speaker, a guru, you are in the self-development industry or social enteprise.
It will work for any niche.

If you have made great personal sacrifice for the greater good of your audience, this formula is the perfect fit for you.

This is great if you are helping your clients to promote their brands by crafting their stories

This is not a fill-in-the-blank template This is a framework. So every presentation will be unique.

Use this story formula to amplify your message powerfully.
This portrays you as a caring and kind person without the ‘holier than thou’ aftertaste.
The effect is that it will strengthen your brand and cultivate loyalty and trust.

This formula has been used to influence millions of people throughout generations and it is as potent as ever.

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